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Principal MessageWhen Climbing The Carrer Ladder

Welcome to School

As plants grow healthier and better when they are trimmed and pruned so the natural abilities and talents are developed and cultivated favorably when they are guided and controlled through discipline and education.

A person should study so that he may develop the ability to see and understand logically in order to arrive at a correct judgment.

Formation of a good character is the aim of our education. Our humble attempt is to develop virtues in the child which make life happier and loftier, such as honesty, uprightness and respect for human beings.

I hope the parents especially mothers to give some for their children, helping them in studies teaching them good manners, values emotion and characters.

I take this opportunity to thank all the students parents well- wishers, teaching and other staffs whose combined effort has made B.P.M a successful school.

Mrs. Poonam Singh
      ( Principal )

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